Hola, Friends!

Hello, There!

After months...actually, let me be honest here, a little over a year of timidly approaching the beginning of this blog, here I am!

You know when past failures cripple you, and kinda define you for a season? Well, yes thats been me the past year and a half. Sprinkle in some crazy life circumstances, and I was pretty much a twenty-something on the verge of a breakdown for a bit.

But, I feel like it's finally time to launch this thing....so here it is. I've spent the past 6 years passionate about human/sex trafficking, more than just learning about issues (which I have been reading up on since I was probably 15) and really diving in to making a difference with my life, even if small. 

After working with an independent, ethical designer in London (shout out to Zoe Boomer) I became super in love with the concept of ethical fashion. The idea that a designer could walk to their factory, and have relationships with the individuals creating their design was groundbreaking for this fashion student here. Not once in my classes was I taught about the idea of actually knowing the individual making a garment--everything was manufacturers, bottom lines, etc. Seeing firsthand ethical fashion brought to life really inspired me to learn more about it, and also learn about what goes on in the factories of all the clothes I was buying up to fill my closet. 

I started reading things by Safia Minney, and watching documentaries like, The True Cost, that honestly got me so fired up. The humans suffering for my Zara sprees, the planet suffering for my H&M hauls....it blew my mind. Ever since, I have been on a journey of finding better ways to consume fashion--most of the time I've found this in small, independent designers & brands. Yes, it means more money up front most of the time, but a quality product that I know will last a long time, and that didn't harm another human or the planet. 

In no ways do I claim it's easy...at least at this time--I have total hope that it will become the new normal in the fashion industry. This is my journey of the struggle, the amazing brands and designers I have found, and my daily decisions to choose ethical over convenience. 

I hope you'll come along on this journey with me, and I hope in some small way I can help you if its your thing too. If not, I hope you'll enjoy my travels and my random thoughts I will post on this platform.

All are welcome. Always.

peace. love. joy.